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Rapid Locksmiths in Totton | UPVC Locksmiths & Door Lock Repair Services

Jammed UPVC Doors Opened – Like anything once a UPVC lock is old and worn the chances are its going to fail at some point a lot of the time this happens when the door is in the locked position Rapid Locksmiths in Totton are experts in this field and can open the door using are professional locksmith tools without causing any damage to your door.

UPVC Door Lock Repairs – Once the door is open we can then look at repairing the lock Rapid Locksmiths in Totton carry a lot of spare parts for a lot of the more common UPVC locking systems. Some of the locking systems are made so that you cant open the lock to replace the spare parts needed in this case if the lock is worn and and the parts inside are broken then the lock will need to be replaced.

UPVC Replacements Barrel and Keys – UPVC doors are fitted with a euro barrel as standard this is the part where you put the keys. Rapid Locksmiths in Totton carry a large range of new barrels most barrels we stock are supplied with 3 keys.

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